BRNK is Andy Brinkman.

I'm a curious, creative, and playful guy. I love solving visual problems big and small. I'm into humor, distorted figures, rough edges, process, music from the 60's, good film, dressing like a lumberjack, Blackwing 502's, and video games.

Some people I've worked with: Rockstar Games, Dreamworks, Titmouse Animation Studio, Variety, The Pitch, Futbol Artists Network, This Land Press, The University of Minnesota, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, KICKTV, Light Grey Art Lab, The Illustration Academy.

I live in Brooklyn.

Get in touch.

Animation Credits

Ballmasterz 9009 S2 - Background Supervisor 2019

Deadly Class - Background Layout 2018

Ballmasterz 9009 S1 - Background Supervisor 2017-2018

Hanazuki Feature - Background Paint 2017

Niko and the Sword of Light - Background Paint 2016-2017

TMNT: Half Shell Heroes - Background Paint 2015

*Additional credits available upon request